L-Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbic Acid or simply Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for both humans and a number of animals. It’s acidic in nature, hence the name. It’s an all too familiar nutrient that has become a regular household name for many years already. From kids to full-grown adults, Vitamin C is a well-known nutrient. Vitamin C has a myriad of benefits ranging from digestive system benefits and as well as preventing scurvy. Another one of those benefits applies for the skin as well.

Vitamin C supplements are nothing new. They also deliver the benefits that Vitamin C has for the skin. However, to deliver all the good things for the skin, Vitamin C has to take a form that’s more readily available so that its effects are maximized. In that sense, Vitamin C serums are made for those who want healthy and revitalized skin.

What is Vitamin C Serum?

Vitamin C Serums are lotions, moisturizers, creams and ointments that are applied on the skin to deliver all the benefits of Vitamin C. You may wonder why there was a need for Vitamin C to be turned into these forms. This is because the common Vitamin C supplements that we take, though good in itself, that particular form needs to be processed, synthesized and distributed by the body so that it shows the effects of Vitamin C. However, it’s a long and complicated process that takes too much time. If you want to feel the effects of Vitamin C on your skin, choosing a readily available form is necessary. In that sense, Vitamin C serums are made for that very purpose.


How to Use Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin C serums for the faceare easily used by applying a few drops on the finger or directly on the skin and massaging thereafter or just leaving them on their own. They are usually applied after cleansing the skin and being allowed to dry. Directions on how to apply vitamin C serums are found on their containers.

Vitamin C Serum Benefits

It’s common knowledge that Vitamin C carries a lot of benefits. In fact, there’s a long list that ranges from benefits like boosting the strength of your immune system up to managing the stress. But how does Vitamin C work on our skin?

Here are somebenefits of Vitamin C serumfor the skin.

Younger and More Vibrant Skin – As we age, it’s only natural that our skin gets old and wrinkled as well. Vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of collagen, resulting in skin that looks younger and healthier.

Protects Your Skin from Damage – Through the day, our skin is exposed to a number of factors that may lead to damage like heat, pollution, cigarette smoke, sweating and stress. Vitamin C can help protect your skin from getting damaged because of its antioxidant properties, preventing injury caused by those notorious free radicals.

Brighter and Smoother Complexion – As the skin gets old or damaged, it can easily be seen how changes occur over the course of the day, the week or the year as the skin quality is apparent evidence. Exfoliation is the skin’s natural way of recovery from such damage but it doesn’t occur at a pace that we would like. What Vitamin C does is stimulate exfoliation, letting the skin repair itself faster and resulting in a smoother and brighter skin complexion.

Prevent Skin Discoloration – Hyperpigmentation is a common skin problem. It’s characterized by a dark discoloration on the skin that is due to an increase in melanin. Hyperpigmentation may be caused by inflammation, damage due to overexposure to the sun, skin injuries or hormonal imbalances. This leads to the unattractive pigments usually found on the face, neck, shoulders or arms. Vitamin C serum for hyperpigmentationprovides protection with its antioxidant properties and brightens your skin, allowing it to return its smoothness.

Vitamin C Serums provide the skin with the several benefits that Vitamin C can bring. These benefits include younger looking skin that’s healthier and more vibrant, smoother complexion, an accelerated rate of the skin’s natural repair process, providing protection from a number of harmful factors like pollution, smoke and sunlight, diminishing lines and wrinkles and also serve as one of the solutions for hyperpigmentation.

However, it is by no means that Vitamin C Serums are the ultimate cosmetic products in the market. It should be used properly as advised by the directions in their containers and you should first consult your physician if there are any contraindications for your use. Vitamin C Serums work best together with cosmetic products like exfoliants, sunscreens, lotions and other products that aim to provide you with healthier skin. Discover more