For the ones that are new to this online slots world, they may find many casino types that may make them get extremely confused. If you are interested in online slots you can learn more when you view here now. You need to differentiate such games by matter, subject or themes like celebrity slots, movies slots, TV slots, sports slots, and personality. To practically differentiate the online slots, you should consider some features which distinguish the way various machines are played, the ways you can use to win, and the methods of hitting the winning competitions. Below are some of the slots you can play online and find them enjoyable:

Three-Reel Slots

Classic slots is another name for three-reel slots because many of previous slots including lucky 7s were the first three-reel games. The online slots here have three turning reels, and they mostly have from one to three of the pay lines, and their playing cost is very little. Their jackpots are from hundreds to almost thousands hence very low. Despite many classic slots being three-reeled, the new ones may be casinos at least one after some time.

Five-Reel Slots

When an online slot has many reels, the winning ability is very hard, playing such games is costly, and when you win, their payoff is very high. The five-reels machine has from ten up to fifty pay lines although others have above fifty pay lines. The pay lines enable the price to be high since players have a choice of betting on the number of lines they want. The jackpots in this slot are in thousands, about maximum bet and number of lines.

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Seven-Reel Slots

The new seven-reel game has been regarded as more complicated when compared with the others. Their pay lines numbers can be even above fifty, and their pay is in five figures. The most expensive slot games have fewer players. They are played but again, most economic people prefer players to take their money to the slots which offer value like five-reel slots.

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Nine-Reel Slots

They exist but are extremely rare due to their features. Here, players win in diagonal and horizontal combinations, unlike the normal vertical combinations. The machine’s symbol may move from up to down and reel to reel.

Bonus Slots

The machines here allow players an extra round for winning spins hence collecting more tokens. Various machines have different bonus rounds, and this is what people like. Most bones slots are seven-reel and five-reel machines where a player must see more than two wild symbols for him to qualify the bonus round.

Progressive Slots

The progressive slot always pools some percentage of the money poured online by players. If a player wins a specific combination, he can will thousands of millions of dollars meaning they need to wager maximum cash. You can win here using various methods and not only when you qualify for the prize. Also, other machines offer four or three various progressives, and most of them are five-reels machines.

You should remember playing slots are costly and tight, so you don’t need to be extra attached to them.