The goal of this poker portal is to show you the varied game Texas Hold’em Poker. It was important to us to clarify the rules of the game as clearly as possible, so that they are quickly accessible to the novice poker player.

In addition, you will find with us all sorts of tips that will make you a guideline to succeed in poker game. The idea was to help you quickly gain a foothold in Texas Hold’em game and lay a solid foundation, regardless of where you plan to play poker: whether it should be a party game with friends or even an evening with like-minded people on the Internet, like for example in the online casino.

Our guide can not make you Katja Thater. In any case, here you will find a lot of clues that will help you unmask the classic traps in the game and avoid them cleverly. We lay the foundation on which you will build yourself until you become a professional poker player (we do not want to exclude that under any circumstances). However, routine comes ultimately through practice.

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You can not call a poker game a game of chance. There are a lot of criteria that have a more significant relevance to the gameplay, such as: the odds, other players’ tactics, your table position, your own poker strategy. You have to pay attention to all the points listed here to become a successful player. Clinging to just one of them can certainly not lead you to success. Such an approach to the game will undoubtedly lead to enormous losses.


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In this poker guide we have some important articles.
We have compiled the following chapters for you:

  • Guide to the poker game “Texas Hold’em”
  • Strategy in the “Pre-Flop” phase
  • Tips for Pre-Flop Phase
  • Ranking of leaves
  • Table position and the kicker
  • probabilities
  • bluff

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Online poker with Texas Hold em is fun. Read the opinions of the players.

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