A Fix for Rotten Wood on Your Roof

It’s undeniable that even though the roof acts as a protective layer for your home which shields you from the various weather conditions, it is still considered as the most exposed part of the house and the most vulnerable one to sustain damage. One of the most devastating roof problems for homeowners is rotting wood on their roof. It’s a troublesome problem to deal with and it can take a lot of work. This may result from water damage, usually from a leaky ceiling or a damaged roof which allowed water to seep through the wood and also aging. If left unattended, it can lead to more extensive damage like a damaged ceiling or a holed up ceiling. However, taking the right steps and being equipped with the right tools, you can resolve this problem easily.


Measurements and Guides

To ensure that you can work with accuracy, you can use chalk to mark where you’ll be cutting next and proceed in removing and then replacing the damaged and rotten wooden shingles in your roof.


Start Removing Things

To repair a roof with rotten wood, you first need to remove the shingles and the tar paper that are wrapped around the rotten wood. Make sure that you’re working while observing utmost safety since you may fall down through your roof if you’re not careful. If it’s just a small area, you can use a flat bar or the claw of your hammer to tear the shingles off and remove them. For bigger ones, you can use a roofing shovel for that job. Next, start by carefully removing the nails on the shingles so you can replace the old, rotten shingles with new ones that are stronger and sturdier. Then, remove the surrounding tar paper on the wooden shingles with a knife.


Cutting Out the Rotten Wood

Once you finish in removing the nails, tar paper and the shingles, you can now start cutting the rotten wood on your roof by using a circular saw. Be careful in manipulating this since you may accidentally cut yourself or fall from the roof. A cutting depth of 1/16 up to 1/8 inches that’s deeper than the thickness of the boards would be adequate. After making the cut, you can now remove the rotten section of the wood. Upon taking out the rotten wood, you can also remove the sheathing and the nails thereafter.


Finishing Touches

Replace the new sheathing and then nail them on the rafters, making sure that they’re adequately secured. After that, apply felt paper which will serve as the layer on to the sheathing. You can then install the brand new shingles on your roof, replacing the old and rotten sections with stronger ones. Load more